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The Business Over Breakfast Podcast is expressly for Small Business owners, predominantly the 20,000 people in the CCIQ database. The aim of the podcast is to create more current and energetic engagement with the membership base.
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Jan 15, 2017

If you’ve reached a point with your business where you think it might be time to diversify and move into new markets, then you’re definitely going to get a lot out of this episode. Andrew and Bree are talking all things diversification, including new industries, products and services, and how all of this relates to the all-important customer engagement.


Bree’s back with Toaster Time, and it’s Geoff Hetherington who’s feeling the heat in this episode. Geoff is the founder of The Clarity CEO and Dancing Blind Man Business Advisors. He’s also a top strategy and business coach, and keynote speaker. Bree’s grilling him about his story and top tips on diversifying business.  


The guys are also talking wacky, smart business ideas from around the globe, plus loads more.


In this episode, Andrew and Bree get into...


  • Bree James diversifying her publishing business to be more than just print by moving into new markets
  • Updating your business and moving away from the dangerous position of being considered ‘old’
  • How to know when it’s time to diversify your business, and how quickly you should do it
  • Tips on increasing engagement with your audience by listening to their wants and needs
  • Problems with diversifying your business and how to overcome them
  • What you need to put into your business to successfully diversify it
  • The marketing strategy you need to employ when diversifying your business
  • Why Geoff Hetherington views clarity as one of the most important attributes for businesses
  • Industries that are feeling the pressure to diversify more than others
  • Looking at the changes in your industry and what you need to do to your business to keep up
  • Five tips to help your business diversify






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