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The Business Over Breakfast Podcast is expressly for Small Business owners, predominantly the 20,000 people in the CCIQ database. The aim of the podcast is to create more current and energetic engagement with the membership base.
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Nov 1, 2016

Welcome to the Business over Breakfast podcast and to celebrate international podcasting day Bree and Andrew are broadcasting this episode from Bali! And they’ve got a great show in store for you. They’re talking about what it means to be a good business today, in terms of living up to the expectations of your clients and your community. They get right into the details with this one and explain the positive impact that taking an interest in charities and causes can have on your business, and some practical tips on how you can go about doing it.


On top of that, Bree is talking with Chris Essex for this week’s instalment of Toaster Time. Chris is the managing director of Big Dog Pet Foods - a business with 30 employees that produces over 30 tonnes of raw pet food a week. Chris shares plenty of invaluable advice for small business owners. Also, the guys are back with Food for Thought, plus loads more!


This week Bree and Andrew are talking about…

  • Building corporate Karma and the Karma bank
  • Why our customers and community expect us to be a good business
  • The important role that small businesses play in local communities
  • The Thankyou group and the amazing work they’re doing
  • Why helping causes and communities is more than just throwing money at a problem for small businesses
  • Bree James’ Mobile Parents Room
  • Building a reputation for being fair
  • Following ethical guidelines as a small business
  • Being proud of what you’re doing and letting your customers know about it!
  • Chris Essex’s three pieces of advice for small business owners
  • Chris on the importance of keeping an eye on cash flow
  • Bree and Andrew’s five tips for a healthier business



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St. John Ambulance Queensland


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