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The Business Over Breakfast Podcast is expressly for Small Business owners, predominantly the 20,000 people in the CCIQ database. The aim of the podcast is to create more current and energetic engagement with the membership base.
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Nov 15, 2016

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing everything you can to boost sales in your business? If so, then you’re in luck because in this episode of Business over Breakfast Andrew and Bree are getting really into how to sell more stuff in business, busting the myth that sales is a dirty word and sharing great advice on what you can do to improve your sales technique.


Bree is back with Toaster Time and in this episode she’s interviewing Brad Rappell, the founding CEO of Cloud First - a company that helps organisations to harness the power of cloud technology to keep pace in their competitive industries. The guys are looking at ingenious business ideas from around the world in the Food for Thought section, plus loads more.  


Here’s just some of the things that Andrew and Bree get really deep into…

  • Passion sells - to be great at selling you have to be your no.1 biggest fan
  • Why you need to know about your competitors and how your business is unique
  • Spray and pray - steps to understanding your ideal client and target audience
  • How to make sure that your products are right for your customers
  • Ways for you to build credibility as a business owner
  • The art of the sales conversation and how it will help you to sell more
  • How to keep fine-tuning and updating your business in line with what your market wants from you
  • Brad Rappell’s 15 years experience as a leading tech guru, starting his first company at the age of 24 and working with over 100 brands
  • Andrew and Bree’s five top tips for increasing sales in your business
  • Smart business ideas from around the world


Got Your Attention? by Sam Horn  

101 Ways to Sell More of Anything to Anyone by Andrew Griffiths

Cloud First

Griffith Sciences


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