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The Business Over Breakfast Podcast is expressly for Small Business owners, predominantly the 20,000 people in the CCIQ database. The aim of the podcast is to create more current and energetic engagement with the membership base.
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Oct 15, 2016

If you ever have problems managing the money and numbers side of your business then this episode of Business over Breakfast is definitely for you. Knowing the costs, profit margins and handling expenses are all issues faced by small business owners on a daily basis, and this week Bree and Andrew are demystifying those areas and offering plenty of handy, actionable tips that you can start implementing straight away.


On top of that, Bree’s back with Toaster Time, and her guest is CCIQ member, Sarah Mak, Co-founder and Managing Director of The Story Boxes - an award winning business committed to telling and sharing wonderful stories. The guys also talk about some brilliantly innovative businesses in Food for Thought, plus loads more.


Here’s what is in store for you in this episode:


  • Why it’s essential to know how much it costs to run your business
  • Knowing your profit margins and setting prices based on them rather than on your competitors
  • Why you need to know when you’re getting paid
  • Having a handle across your top ten biggest expenses, and what it means for small business owners
  • The importance in telling your business’ story to the world
  • Advice on understanding the ‘Why’ in business
  • People buy from people - humanising your business and capitalising on that
  • Five top tips from Bree and Andrew on managing your money, from understanding your own books to methods for increasing cash flow



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