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The Business Over Breakfast Podcast is expressly for Small Business owners, predominantly the 20,000 people in the CCIQ database. The aim of the podcast is to create more current and energetic engagement with the membership base.
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Aug 12, 2016

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Business over Breakfast, a brand new, weekly podcast series sponsored by CCIQ (Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland) and presented by Bree James and Andrew Griffiths. Bree and Andrew are both experts in their fields, sharing 50 years of experience as small business owners between them. Throughout this series they’re going to be having a look at what new and innovative things are happening globally, as well as sharing heaps of killer tips and ideas that will practically help you and your business. Along the way, they’re going to be talking to some key figures in businesses who are also CCIQ members, so you’re guaranteed to come away with plenty of takeaways from every episode.


To get things rolling, in this first show Andrew and Bree are talking about the small business space. This is an area that is in a constant state of flux, particularly right now, and it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to know how to best utilise the wealth of technology at their disposal. Andrew and Bree talk about some key points that are vital for small business owners, share five top tips that you can go away and action, and run through a list of three weird and wonderful businesses that may just provide you with that all important spark of inspiration.


Relax, pour yourself a coffee and enjoy the episode.


In this show Bree and Andrew talk about:


  • How to select the right technology for you and your business
  • Killer tips on how to create engagement with an audience
  • Tips on staying connected with your clients across a variety of different mediums
  • The importance of understanding your audience
  • Why low prices aren’t as important as high quality
  • The rise of the hipster and what that means for small businesses
  • The role of CCIQ - who’s it for and can it help you?
  • Why you need to understand and leverage your niche
  • Advice on how to make your customers feel valued
  • Communication as one of the biggest areas of dissatisfaction with customers, and how you and your business can capitalise on that
  • The importance of personal touch and how you can use it in business





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